When staff transition to new roles leaving vacant territories & relationships at risk, the first instinct is to try to spread existing resources more thinly to cover the gaps. This short sighted approach seems reasonable at first glance but in reality stretches already finite talent & takes them away from their core responsibilities. Few will admit it, but it is these core responsibilities that they are remunerated on & will direct their focus, leaving the vacant territory's customers vulnerable to competitor approach. In addition, connecting with the right people at customer level is vital to a successful procurement process, driving ongoing sales.

Relationship Maintenance


When customer facing staff move on or go on extended leave, MediLink will engage with your key customers to help maintain your presence until a permanent replacement can be found. A "health check" is also done on the relationship by asking customers for their perspective, what they liked, didn't like & what they want now as their needs change. 



Start up companies or those entering into a new area of business can use MediLink to get in contact with the right procurement personnel for their needs. Take advantage of MediLink's extensive network of professionals at District Health Boards, private hospitals & Government procurement agencies from around New Zealand.

Mentoring and Coaching


Take advantage of Jason McDonald's 30 years of experience in multi-national corporations such as Bristol-Myers Squibb & Johnson & Johnson Medical, local companies & overseas joint ventures. He can provide advice on progression, climbing the greasy pole & remaining grounded in your own reality while surviving in a high  pressure environment.